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  • Suzy Cato and Ella Jordan on The Great Big Kids Show here on Magic Music every Sunday morning at 7.30 Come Join us for lots of fun things to do.

National News - National

New Zealand Herald  - National
  • People looking for a safe car but can't afford to prise open the purse strings too far will be pleased to hear some of this year's top-rated vehicles can be snapped up for less than $10,000.And this year the standards are tougher...

  • The report which spurred Auckland Transport's decision to rule out heavy rail between the city centre and Auckland Airport is "deeply flawed" advocates say. AT's board based its decision in June to drop trains as an option for a...

Northland News - Northern Advocate

New Zealand Herald  - Northern Advocate
  • I touched upon that intriguing thing dubbed "Murphy's Law" some time back and should have known then that it would emerge again in my life ... because that's Murphy's Law.So it came to pass a week or so back that I set forth to...

  • At first, the local word was Japanese diving instructor Takaishi Mamoru had quit the country after he was ripped off through some trickery involving the Hundertwasser toilets in Kawakawa.Perhaps it was the language barrier, but...

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